National Poetry Writing Month

National Poetry Writing Month or NaPoWrMo starts 1 April. I’ve decided to give  it a try this year. I enjoy reading and writing poetry, but I don’t do enough of either. So, I’m making April my poetry month. In that spirit, I’m creating a page here on my website for my NaPoWrMo work. It will hold the unedited and unpolished works I create in April.

When the month is over, you can tell me which works I should spend my time polishing and which ones I should abandon. I have no doubt there will be plenty to abandon. My hope is that I have one or two that are good enough to polish into something worth reading.

I’m letting you know this now, because I’ll be playing with the website over the next couple of weeks to add a page just for my NaPoWrMo material. Don’t fear if you see it one day and not the next. It’s just be working. It will be ready by 1 April when NaPoWrMo starts.

Side Note: The follow up novel to Shadows of Victory is in progress. NaPoWrMo will NOT slow me down completing that. I can see the publication of Shadows of Reign (working title – but thinking maybe Art of Reign) just over that ridge.

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