Meet Absinthe, the Green Fairy


Do not fret over monuments that seem insipid and drudged. Rejoice in the song, and dance with the mythical fairy of green. Let her lighten your mind from burdens and thoughts unclear, unfocused, unneeded, and unwanted. Let her weave your love and your art with the tendrils of Spring. Dance as her wings give your lift and flutters your thoughts. Drink with her and laugh as your fingers are molding new words and new colors. Be not afraid: You dance not alone. Hemingway, Wild, Rimbaud, and all walked through their days with the fragrant Green Fairy. But beware lest Phthonus leaps in your glass. Play true to Fairy and Fortune’s tasks. All fairies but Absinthe will lead you astray. Cast her aside and when the day breaks, it is your head not your thoughts that will play you mundane. Drinks this, my lovely, and celebrate today. Tomorrow awaits masterpieces that bear your name.

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