From Brothers Benedictine


Balder said:

No, no. You may not hurry. You may not rush. Celebrate this moment, so Brother Bernardo would say. What, you have not heard of the trials of Brother Bernardo? Then let me tell you, my young man. The grace of his toils makes these troubles you face but junctures in the flash of life. For Brother Bernardo toiled over heat. He labored in fields for twig and for leaf. He burrowed in tundra for roots and for seed. And he waited, and he waited, and he waited some more. And one day at last, Deo Optimo Maximo. Amen. It is done. An elixir of amber with silk and with honey to save his brothers in toils encyclical and urbane. Take strength in the Spirit and Wisdom of earth as Brothers Benedictine discerned the holy spirit from earth.

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