Hypnotic Hypnotiq

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Then Balthazar said:

But you are you, my friend. For such can be none else. I have seen them come and go that call themselves well groomed, but you stand out as one to know. In that blue dress must we raise the glass of blue.  Such fine detail, none else can prove. The kings themselves do offer sweet dreams and poetry for that which is new and old. For none but from this glass may drink who offer not the care of self. For in that care reflect the love that only you can offer. Be from humble start, work to make your bread, then glimmer in that glow that from minstrels lips do ring. Hypnotic, yes, that sky blue. I’ll mix it now with bubbly gold and toast we this your new age. Raise your chin from your chest and drink. Know the self in you shines to the self in all.

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