Before the Bard


The guests arrive one by many. Sundry suits and many lies hide complacent souls which yearn to shine. In smiles are frowns for bygone days and that which never will be. Frowns hide joys for what is true and always will. Let not the darkened hall confuse if you seek this place, for the bartender here shines like night and provides no wisdom but for thee. So if you ask, a drink you’ll find with spirits that will content. For in the dance of light and drink, you’ll find answers rare. Balder works for tips you know, so spare not a drink or three. In words both wise and nonsensical, the bard may guide you home. Stand not before the bar if your heart is false, for Balder sees the beating ways of the callous and the coy. Yet, in a way not quite known, Balder twists your mind, till at last your heart bleeds less, and in a breath you’ll find an ease to understanding the path you always knew.

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