Virtuous Vermouth

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But where would we be without you, old friend? Have you not in all this time stood there resplendent in your essence while we wiled away good times in the vulgar and obtuse? Where would I be without your strength when you are sweet and offer virtue to all your touch? Without you bitters long and loved would flounder. Add all the gin, all the rye, all the scotch, all sherry, and bittered laughs they would be. It is you, old chum, who bonds us whole. When you are sweet, we melt in games and laugh at joy. Other times you give us lift to melt in dreams fantastical. Feel not neglected nor forlorn. We thought we did not need you for a while, but you knew better, and here you are. Strong yet silent. We cherish thee, though our minds did wander. Bring to this your glass classical grace. Let us behold you for what you are. Aperitif and compliment we raise our glass to you.


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