Riding with the Wheel of Fortune

Preparing for DFWCon today. The schedule is out, and I have no idea which sessions I should/want/need to attend. I’ve scratched off the sessions on childrens’ and young adult fiction. But as I write this, I recall running through what could only be a young adult book in my head over the weekend. Nevertheless, too many other books, short stories, and poems to write first. 

And there is the rub: I find myself overwhelmed these days. I’m meditating, exercising, and cooking to clear the head, but the amount I want to do is still daunting and weighing me down. The cure: Keep moving. Today, I’m studying the schedule for DFWCon and reminding myself that the Wheel of Fortune spins regardless of our concerns. We can spin along with her or be thrown down paths that end in no where.

What are the things you do when you find yourself feeling less than a millimeter tall?

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