Survey Results/Update on CampNaNo

Results from the survey are in. Thanks for you input. 

Eighty percent of you said you would read a book with the tag line, Reverend Yasushi Brown’s faith has never been more secure, until his plans to stop vampires blows up in his face. I find it very interesting as I’m a firm believer we all like to see a good plan go amok. Time to work on the rest of this blurb. 

Of course, eighty percent of you also said you would click to read the rest of the blurb for a book that started with the following two lines:

  • Being with Harry is the one thing that Kitten wants, but being with him brings death to those she knows.
  • Cesar stands loyal to Harry and Anthony. A vampire learns early who to serve in order to survive, but when Kitten arrives, Cesar sees the tension between his masters and worries until he discovers what she is.

Better work on those blurbs, too. Wonder if I can get any of my writing buddies together for a blurb workshop.

Update Camp NaNo: Working hard.  Not up to where the maths say I should be, but I’m feeling good about where the story is going and how much is getting done. Still hopeful I will complete draft one by end of July. Keep positive thoughts that the allergies drowning me and others in the Austin area this month stay under control.

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