CampNaNo Update

CampNaNo wrapped up the other day, and I’m still not finished with Midnight in Line and Form (sometimes referred to as Shadows of Reign). However, I’m pleased with the 30K plus words I wrote in July. The word count for the novel is up to 100K. Very excited about how the story is progressing.

Because I’m excited, I thought I’d share an interview I had with one of my characters. For now, let’s call her JL. She’s one of Austin’s leading Event Coordinators. During the interview, she informed me of her confusion over a bit of trouble she’s found herself in.

It still riles me. I can’t believe that – –  that woman threatened me after all I’ve done to help the church. I know better. She was so very – over friendly when I worked events for the church, but she’s a Deacon. She deserves some respect. But to turn on me the way she did – I – I just can’t tell you how angry it made me.

And for what? I still don’t understand. I know I shouldn’t have taken out my anger  on CC. CC was that sweet, little, red-headed woman cleaning up at the dinner party the other night. Looking back, I don’t think she knew why I was angry. In fact, I’m ashamed to say she had no idea what that woman had done. Clearly, CC was a good person. Then again, can I say that about someone who was spying? 

It’s so confusing. It’s times like this I wish my brother, Martin, was still with us. He was always so understanding. I’m sure he would know what to do.  

That poor girl. CC was in such a state after I yelled at her to get out of the house, blaming her for that woman’s deeds, that she was in a terrible accident. I keep praying that she’ll be ok. I went to the hospital. The nurse wouldn’t let me see her, but her husband came out. Such a handsome young man, and sweeter than honey. I told them I was praying for her and to call me if he needed anything. I hope he does. 

I’m so confused about what to do.


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