Glad to be back

Six days out from my hiatus to finish novel number two, and I still feel out of touch with the world. And then there are all the projects I set aside to complete the novel. Where do I begin? On the other hand, it’s like I’m starting fresh with everything and oh so new and exciting. 

Poetry: I’m exciting about delving back into poetry. Here’s a quick rundown of the ongoing projects: 

  • Experiments with poetic forms (challenging myself to write in a form I’ve never written
  • Adding to Discourses with the Dead 
  • Adding to Balthazar the Bar Tending Bard
  • Adding to Sister Superior and the Church of the Holy Hip Hop
  • And let’s not for Mary Midnight’s nightly radio serenade’s for Midnight in Line and Form

Short fiction: I left several shorts unfinished and others only sketched out. My goal for September is to have one ready to publish on my Patreon site and two drafted and ready for editing.

  • The Death of Mme Louise
  • Daddy’s Favorite 
  • The Grackles 
  • The Goblin Twins

Long Fiction: More than one piece in the works, but I’m directing most of my energy to completing Midnight in Line and Form. Plan to have it and my Beta Readers at work in two to three weeks.

Blogging and Social Media. Since Saturday (the first) I’ve been logging into WordPress and Facebook and to read what everybody is up to, but it will take time to feel like I’m one of the gang again. 

Another month with lots and lots to do. It feels good to be back. 

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