NaNo Rebel


It’s official: I’m registered and planning for National Novel Writing Month, a.k.a NaNoWrMo or NaNo when talking about it with fellow writers. Beta Readers are tearing away at Midnight in Line and Form, that’s giving me time to relax, think, and plan out some short stories I’ve been itching to work on. That makes me an official NaNo Rebel. I’m aiming to complete 50,000 words in November but not for one novel. 

The moment the Beta Readers are done, the short stories hit the back burner as I plunge into completing Midnight in Line and Form so you can read it over the holidays. Surprise, it takes place during the holiday season. (It is NOT a  holiday story.) 

Feels good getting back into an easy routine, but the fingers need more writing to do.

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