Update on This NaNo Rebel

Pleased to say NaNo is going well. If you look at my word count (seven days in and under 10K at time of writing this), my performance seems less than impressive, but I feel great. I completed the short story Grackles, found (in my head) the missing elements to The Death of Mme Louise (There is even enough done with The Death of Mme Louise that I posted the first two sections on my Patreon page), plotted out The Goblin Twins, and organized my notes for an unnamed piece. 

Spending the month on short stories is proving an interesting challenge. First, I’m long winded. Keeping the plot points tight and characters focused forces me to consider every word. Second, my thought processes are jumping all over the place. Each story is not only unique, but each story delves into genres and formats I don’t often work with. I’m loving it! I hope I’m also creating good stories.

Hope your NaNo is flowing as well as mine – whether your counting words every day toward a brilliant novel, rebelling and challenging the novel format, or if you signed up just to join all the NaNo write-ins and be part of a community of creative people.

Keep writing!

P.S. I have not given up on my poetry project (creating a poem in every form I can find). It’s not a priority this month, but it’s still going.

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  1. Keep at it L.K. 50K is just few weeks down the month. I rebelled 2 years ago with a memoir, but this year I’m a NaNo Not. Trying to do short (about 5K) but I need to gas up.

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