Read Harder Challenge 2019


The short stack sitting in the living room:

I’ve accepted BookRiot’s Read Harder Challenge 2019. I enjoy reading. I enjoy a challenge. And I enjoy reading different book genres. My problem: I often find myself reading the same author(s) or types of books. There’s nothing wrong with that, but as variety is the spice of life, I’m charging ahead. 

This week I’m going through the list of unread books I piled up around the house and in my Kindle and Ibooks readers to see which ones fit the checklist of books for the Challenge. These will get me started.

I’m asking all my peeps to plug their books (published and to be published this year) over the next couple of weeks. Please, let me add you to my 2019 reading list.

An interesting observation: The more I write, the more books I read. No problem, you say. Except I find myself reading more than one book at a time. Part of my mind loves this variety. My mind chases one squirrel for a while, and then it’s free to chase other squirrels. On the other hand, I’m worried I miss something important.

Not sure how to approach the Read Harder Challenge. Should I continue reading as I do (multiple books at one time) or do I make myself complete one book at a time? What do you do?


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