When did the “B” word become unspeakable?

Once upon a time our nation divided over the right for individual states to elect and endorse the enslavement of certain peoples. Those who endorsed enslavement proclaimed they were following the precepts set by God. They were performing their Godly duties. In the ensuing arguments leading up to our great schism, we realized that it was not God defining who should and should not be enslaved. The decision was being made by people intolerant of anyone other than their specific and select group. These people became known by the “B” word. Today, we attempt to attempt tolerance with those “B” word people, because we accept they have a right to their beliefs, but we no longer accept their arguments as valid. Nor to allow them to govern the lives of the many.

There are many issues which cause arguments between good people, but perhaps the most disturbing is the argument we should treat certain groups of people without the respect or liberties enjoyed by the many. Once again, the arguments for non-acceptance is that God has divined who is and is not worthy of respect and deference.

If we are a nation of the people by the people and for the people, and we afford no religious authority to impose itself over the liberties of the many, why are people who insist their God impose their values and only their values on all of us not referred to by the “B” word? 

One thought on “When did the “B” word become unspeakable?”

  1. Dark, speculative fiction indeed!
    Go research the abolitionist movement.
    In the U.S. Civil War both sides were calling on the God of Scripture BTW.
    True Liberty is based upon faith in God, and there is room for opposing views in a democratic republic.
    Interesting post. You got me thinking.

    Does “B” stand for “buzzword” ?

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