200 Words or Less?

Are you kidding me? I’ve spent how long writing the book, and now I have to reduce its core to 200 words or less for the back of book blurb. (Heavy sigh.)

I’ve been able to narrow down my options to two different blurbs. Neither need be the final product, but I could use input on which one to polish and put on the back of the book. Would love your opinion.

Title of book #2: Midnight in Line and Form

Blurb #1:

Red Riding Hood had it easy. All she had to do was deliver a basket. As Kitten immerses herself into the world of vampires, she finds not even wolves are what they appear. People are dying all around her, but still she stays with the two vampires determined to keep her safe, but who are they protecting her for? And who are they protecting her from? She can be certain of only her imminent death.

Blurb #2:

Austin’s weird. No one knows that more than Kitten Carlyle. She’s set up the perfect life, with the perfect job, the perfect home, and the perfect part-time boyfriend. 

Everything’s changed now. She spends her nights with Harry Reign, an extraordinary and reclusive artist, and one of the Eldest of all the vampires. The more time she spends with Harry, the more like the vampires she becomes. Austin keeps getting weirder.

But now a war is brewing. Does she walk into the night accepting her new role, or does she walk away? Will she be the same person or someone else?

Austin is one of those rare cities that hover between light and dark. As each side builds their forces, only the voice of Mary Midnight, whispering over the airwaves, hints at any hope for either side to find peace.

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