The Couplet


I advise those delving into writing poetry to start by writing couplets. Free Verse is great, and that’s where many poets first venture into poetry; however, couplets are lines which may or may not rhyme, but they are only two lines. However, these two lines are bound into a single unit. They don’t have to rhyme, but when creating couplets for the sake of creating couplets, you’ll find rhyming fun. You’ll also create beats (following a particular meter). Have fun with them. Once you create a couplet, you’ll be weaving them into longer and longer poems.

I’m including couplets from an epic I’m working on. For these lines, I’m following no particular rules for rhythm or rhyme; and yet, they form complete thoughts, rhyme, and have a rhythm to them.

From absinthe do not abstain,
Green fairies are never a bane

Licor 43
Liquor Mirabilis glowing gold,
Give depth and hope when the sun is cold.

What the melody of the lonesome implies
The heart of rye belies.

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