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If you’re coming to Austin, book yourself a room at the Driskill Hotel. Yes, it’s pricey, but try it out for one night at least. Aside from being a historic landmark (LBJ and LadyBird had their first date there, and they continued to use the Driskill throughout his political career and later), it’s also a fine hotel offering that touch of Austin friendly the city is famous for.

There is something comforting about its huge lobby, marble floors, stained glass, and thick columns. At a glance, you might think it too large to be comforting, but don’t let it fool you. Most of the year, Austin is hot. When you step into the Driskill, you instantly feel the cool comfort of a darkened, but not dark, lobby.

There is always someone wearing a Texas friendly smile to welcome and direct you. Maybe you will check in. If not, enjoy a light meal or a glass of wine at the 1886 Cafe and Bakery. Is night time approaching? Head for the Driskill Grill, known for their fine dining. Here, I must admit; I have not dined at the Driskill Grill with its reputation as a wonderful steak restaurant. As a vegetarian, my options might be too limited. However, The Driskill Bar, while decorated with typical Texas dead cow skins, provides and excellent respite from the hustle, bustle, and noise of downtown to relax and enjoy conversation with friends and lovers.

My husband and I enjoyed a weekend at the Driskill as a celebration and to enjoy a night “on the town.” And for that, the Driskill is hard to beat. From its lobby, almost everything worth doing on a night out is within and easy walk or pedicab. Ending the evening in the lounge with a glass of port provided a relaxed, satisfying, and well-deserved weekend off.

For the record, we neither heard nor saw any ghosts. The Driskill Hotel lays claims to house several ghosts, so that doesn’t mean you won’t meet any.

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  1. Hi
    My grandma jean nulf is the granddaughter of my great great great grandpa Driskell.

    I just got done sitting with grandma jean as we went through her genealogy book.

    She has records of grandpa driskels travels with his and his travel mates with hundreds of cattle.

    she took me through the history of their travels that settled him in Austin.

    Grandma jeans records say that when grandpa driskell and some other cattle man ride into town and tried to check into the local hotel, the staff said he was too dirty to stay there, so he built his own hotel.

    I’d love to come visit. Are there any driskells still around? I’d love to meet them.

    My name is Paula Leslie. Granddaughter of Lilly jean nulf. Her dads side of the family were driskells.

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