I know more than one great Haiku writer. They take the rules for traditional Haiku and apply Western philosophies to them. This means I’m nervous about publishing Haiku here. It’s never been one of my favorites, and I think I value the traditional focus of Haiku to focus on nature. At the same time, they are fun to write. They are also a great place to learn about the importance of syllables. Counting syllables is essential to maintaining beats within many poetic forms.

Here are the rules for writing a Haiku.
Line 1: Five syllables
Line 2: Seven syllables
Line 3: Five syllables
That’s it. No rhyming or beats to worry about.

Sandbox #1:
Drifting sands in rain
Cans, yellow, green, red, orange
Alone, wet, playing

Sandbox #2:
Sit, think, write, and read
Gathered round contemplating
In the sandbox creative

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