Fredericksburg, Texas

My first venture into Fredericksburg was almost an accident. We decided to visit a winery or two in early December. A chance to get away, enjoy a little wine, and admire the holiday decorations. Just to clarify, I’m the one who wanted to view holiday decorations. Hubby only mumbles “nice” when I point out nice decorations to him.

When we left the house that morning, blue sky’s and sunshine lit our path. I remember grabbing a sweater, just in case it cooled off, but otherwise, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. By the time we reached the first winery, rain clouds dotted the horizon. As we sat on the patio at our second winery enjoying an excellent glass of perfectly chilled white wine, sunlight disappeared. We moved to a table inside. One worker entered the tasting room soon after announcing that guests should check that their car windows were closed as rain moved its way toward us.

Neither hubby nor I had other plans for the day, but after the two tastings and more than one glass of wine a piece, we were hungry and not relishing the drive back to Austin. The winery had no food.

We waited, but the rain showed no sign of letting up. So, we concluded that dinner in Fredericksburg was the thing to do. We were only a few minutes away from downtown. Turns out we made a great choice.

More mist than rain accompanied us to town. We drove around admiring the clean, neat shops along Main Street. Given the chance, I knew I could do  damage to the credit card if left alone to shop. Luckily for hubby, it was Sunday and most of the shops were closed or closing. Soon, we found a little Italian restaurant on a side street open and with little of a wait.

It was a terrific dinner. The wine flowed, the pasta perfection, the sauces expertly seasoned, and the staff delightful to work with. The downside of our outing: The winter’s weather roared in while we dined. I thought I’d freeze walking back to the car in the deluge emptying from the heavens. Poor hubby sat up straight with white knuckles gripping the steering wheel all the way home.

I planned our next visit with a sharp eye on the weather forecast. The drive there and back proved relaxing in the Spring sunshine with bluebonnets and other wildflowers lining the road. No, I did no damage to the credit cards, but one thing you’ll want to remember – look for the fudge. Fudge = Good.

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  1. I was just there and ate at one of few open restaurants (same one?). The beer menu sucked. I shoulda went for wine. It was a Tuesday and we were b-bonnet hunting. Try Willow City Loop sometime (just beware, narrow bridges and lookie-lews.

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