I have some very groovy friends. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy living in the Austin area. Sure there are plenty of conservatives around here, but  that doesn’t stop the people I know from being who they are. And to be honest, for all the conservative talk around here, most people are pretty loose and accepting.

That being said, it takes guts to stand out from the crowd, and many of the people I write with aren’t afraid to stand out. Some are loud – they have those voices that carry through a room like a wave in a storm. Some are quiet unless you ask them a question. All are very, very pleasant with whoever they run across, even those whose conservative views they don’t hold with.

Don’t think for a moment I say groovy as in long, haired, no bathing hippie groovy. Many of my friends hold full-time jobs engineering apps, writing technical manuals, creating computers, even doing other people’s taxes. They do all these things and still have time for whoever needs a hand. They offer comforts and solace where it’s needed, and they don’t complain about offering aid.

They all love words, and they will use words to argue serious political issues, psychoanalyze the choice of words, or delve into the poetic nature of words. They are just that cool. It wasn’t until I started with this task that I realized how groovy my friends were. Groovy is the best word to describe them. And they all fit right in among the inhabitants of Austin.

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