As long as we’re doing lots of counting, let’s play with the number 9. Nonet’s are simple 9 line poems. There is no rhyme scheme required, but you do need to count syllables. I found this form fun and easy to play with. Whether a created a “good” poem is yet to be decided.

Line 9: 9 syllables

Line 8: 8 syllables

Line 7: 7 syllables

Line 6: 6 syllables

Line 5: 5 syllables

Line 4: 4 syllables

Line 3: 3 syllables

Line 2: 2 syllables

Line 1: 1 syllables


A parable counts and wonders why,

when nature sings to mystery.

Heed not a truth once misplaced,

or lies sent through ages.

Harken your heart’s beat.

Dance with envy.

For to love,



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