Laguna Gloria

Art and nature, strategically dancing together in a lovely pas de deux. That’s Laguna Gloria. Now part of The Contemporary Austin, this museum, art school, and sanctuary for contemplation sits on the shores of LadyBird Lake, also known as the Colorado River. I discovered Laguna Gloria shortly after taking up residence on the outskirts of Austin. The idea of art, mostly sculpture, in a park-like setting under the gaze of a grand old house intrigued me. It did not disappoint.

No matter how many times I’ve been there, I’m always amazed at the beauty of the wilderness style garden containing sculpture placed so that each view differs from the other views. Located downtown, the gardens of Laguna Gloria distract from the mundane noises of commerce with the whisper of water lapping on the shoreline and melody of winds and leaves in the trees. Even on the hottest of days, respite welcomes those who step under the canopy of shade trees, and there is always a bench available to rest and contemplate.

When I realized my vampire artist in Midnight in Line and Form needed a place to display his art, Laguna Gloria immediately came to mind. Admittedly, I’ve never been there for one of their private party evening. It’s easy to imagine how lovely it looks. Within this enchanting world known as Laguna Gloria, anything can happen.

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