Landay poetry opened my mind up to a whole new world. These are very traditional poems that you’ll seldom see claimed by an author. They were written by women to be heard by other women in a world where women weren’t supposed to be poets. 

The rules are simple, but don’t let that fool you. Hiding meaning in these few words required lots of practice. I will continue to practice 

Line 1 has 9 syllables. 

Line 2 has 13 syllables. 

There are no rhyme schemes to follow. 

Themes of Landays  include truth about love, war, grief, separation,and sets.

I’m including this link to an article I found inspiration when it came to writing Landay.

You veiled your honor in hues of blue.

Now your daughter is gone and you’re without either.


Veiled in honors of her grandfathers

Broken dreams die. Her death her own. Her father’s curse.

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