An Elegy is a traditional song of mourning. It’s sorrowful, but at the same time it’s comforting. Through singing of sadness, the poet releases sorrow to wonder away from the soul, thus allowing peace to move in.

The traditional elegy – and there are many elegies out there that do not follow any rules – is a quatrain (four stanza poem) with the ABAB rhyme scheme following the iambic pentameter beat. Say aloud, “Romeo, Romeo, where for art th our Romeo,” and your recognize iambic pentameter.

Throughout the night
In endless sleep
Does Heaven dare to make the light
Which ends in reverence deep?

Cast aside the mourning coat
Walk the beach’s tidal sands
Stars that bind do not gloat
In Winter’s reverie for lost bands

Unlike the beasts we shed no tears
And like the beasts the presence lost
Developes new found fears
Like sleeping dragons that must be crossed.

Alone it seems but never hidden
Tides to wash the stains away
Friends long gone come unbidden
And in the night, we dragons slay.

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