Universities and Colleges

Austin is not just the State’s capital, it’s also a center for higher learning. As such, expect to wander into any coffee shop and see laptops and books scattered across tables. Expect to wonder into conversations ranging from the latest Texas College football scandals to theoretical physics to ancient literary authors. Oh, and yes. Politics. It’s discussed everywhere.

Everyone has heard of the University of Texas. Sports enthusiast admire the diversified range of sports played at the school. Academics pursue advanced degrees and Fellows research theories and solutions for our modern woes.

However, Austin offers multiple means for pursuing an advanced degree. Huston-Tilotson University, Virginia University Austin, Austin Community College, St. Edwards University, Southwestern University, Texas State University, Concordia University, and National University all offer local and out-of-state students the opportunity to study. To say Austinites pride themselves on thinking outside the box goes without saying. I cannot list all the opportunities here.

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