Hir a Thoddaid

With a name like Hir a Thoddaid, you must know this is a Welsh poetic form. Despite its traditional form, I found multiple rules on the exact rhyme scheme required. Like so many other rules, I’m sure it has to do with the poet writing the rules. You know we poets like to experiment. The rules I followed seem to be somewhere in the middle.
Six lines required.
Lines 1 – 4 and line 6 have 5 syllables.
Line 5 has 10 syllables.
And here is the rhyme scheme:
Lines 1-4 end with a
Line 5: xxxxxxxbxx
Line 6: xxbxa

Given time, what will you grow to learn?
Will your heart remain true or downturn?
Who will task you to stand long and stern?
Shall the heat of knowledge help you earn?
In mighty rhythems songs do deliver
Invariable wrongs you may yet spurn

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