There is one thing that people learn about me when we meet: I like wine. I’m no guzzler of the latest trend. I don’t want wine for breakfast, unless it has bubbles, it’s a Sunday, and it’s a special occasion. And I defer to my Texas wines.

Shortly before I married, I ventured with he who would become my husband to our first Texas winery. It’s something I always wanted to. The pictures of the lovely landscapes and gardens, the beautiful bottles glistening in the sun, and the descriptions of the wine echoed through my head, “romantic afternoon.” And it was.

We purchased a wine tour pass and plotted out our route along Highway 290, known for its wineries. We decided to hit one winery a weekend and started with the winery furthest from the main route. The best choice we could have made. It took us to Flat Creek Winery in Dripping Springs.

Luck was on our side that day. We arrived between crowds allowing the servers ample time to explain what we were drinking. We enjoyed every wine in the flight. And then we discovered Port. We became hooked on Port that day.

Following a flight of tastings, a glass of our best choice, and a glass of Port, neither of us wanted to drive anywhere. Again, luck was on our side. The winery had a restaurant. Normally, reservations are required, but arriving at an odd time, we were seated right away. We had an excellent meal, one we had not expected, with more wine and port and dessert.

Since that day, we’ve visited many of the Highway 290 wineries and those not on Highway 290. We’ve enjoined many good meals, light cheese plates, and excellent wines. We don’t do a wine tour often, just enough to keep the experience fresh, fun, and enjoyable.

I agree that not all the wines I’ve tasted have been great wines, but I can expect good wines at all the wineries. With the Texas countryside, bottles sparkling in sunlight and candlelight, and Texas friendly people around, there are few experience so consistently enjoyable.

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