It’s not a stretch to say the lyrics to your favorite song is one of your favorite poems. The ancients sung their poetry. In time different types of poetry emerged that did not require a musical accompaniment. However, much of the lyrical nature of words remains in poetry. It’s not uncommon to hear music written expressly for a poem.

Lyrical poetry typically delves into emotions and the deepest thoughts of the poet. They provide a way of expression that appears light and easy even when the subject is serious or dark. Poets use refrains and often simple rhyme schems to set a rythem which make it easy for readers to follow, especially when reading out loud and finding the “melody” or singing nature of the poem.

My own ability to form natural rhythms is still struggling to break free. Until it does, I keep trying.

Umbrellas bouncing in the rain
Comings goings no refrain
Raining long in mornings rush
While sitting still in a hush

Still I wait behind the rain
No loss, no heart to wane
Into the mists of long ago
Dancing long and slow

Alone but for the falling rain
Hiding thoughts of fear and pain
We laughed and sang summer’s songs
Now I wait and to cure the wrongs

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