X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot. Austin is smack in the middle of Texas. For those who don’t know, Texas divides itself into quadrants. East Texas contains some of the poorest counties in the United States. West Texas provides the United States with much of the nation’s beef. South Texas grows some of the best produce you can find despite the large amount of arid land. (If you’ve never had a Rio Star Grapefruit, you’re missing the best.) South Texas also gave us TexMex food. Without that, we’d all be very boring. North Texas produces massive amounts of Cotten. And then there is Austin.

As the capital of the state’s governing body, it’s no secret it stands apart from the rest of Texas. I’ve written before how politically and socially conservative Texas is, especially when compared to the left leaning City of Austin. So, I won’t talk about it again.

Many like to expound on the differences between the quadrant inhabitants of Texas, but me, I think we’re remarkably similar. Each quadrant supplies the necessary balance to keep our state running and influential. If Austin wasn’t so liberal, the other quadrants could never agree on anything. I like to say Austin provides the spoon that keeps the spices of Texas forming the best bowl of chili you’re likely to find.

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