A good Epic has the power to send our imaginations soaring into netherworlds and dancing in dreamscapes unimaginable. They’re traditional. They’re historical. They’re dreams within dreams. All that being said, writing an Epic takes a great deal of diligence and effort. I’ve had an epic in mind for some time. Thus far, I’ve managed only a handful of the total lines needed to complete it, not that the rules for Epic have a line count rule. In fact, modern Epics are often much shorter than the Epics of our history -think Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. 

There are a few things all Epics have in common. They’re long. They have a hero undergoing a great journey accomplishing great deeds while having fantastic adventures. They are fun to read, even though the language of Epics can be and usually is raised as though meant for the gods of old. At the same time, when written well, they are lyrical as though meant to be sung, which they often were in the early years of humankind.

Speaking of the gods of old, Epics still begin by inviting the gods or muses or spirits of words to grant the author the gifts needed to tell the tale. 

With all this in mind, I’ve scratched out a  stanza for the Epic I began for NaProWrMo 2018. Yes, I’m still working on it.


Golden Spirites dance divine and lay upon my lips 

songs divine of yesteryear and sunshine’s mellow kiss.

Spirits Green weave my words with floral notes and honey’s dew

Let me savor Dawn’s sweet kiss from leaves so fresh and new.

From Mother’s womb will Spirits Amber grace my thoughts to thee?

Ground me in your healing hands to scrape a song a new.

Gentle Songs for gentle Spirits flow from leaf to mouth.

Let not the wicked swallow thee in Loveless osculations

Bind us in sweet embrace intonining hearts to heal. 


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