I love yoga. My love affair with yoga began many years ago. A message therapist who recommended I try it to relieve the stress in my wrists and arms from typing all day. I haven’t looked back since. It helps my physically and mentally. I don’t think I could be a writer, if I didn’t practice yoga.

Most people think it’s just an exercise to keep the body limber. Yoga practitioners know that yoga exercises the brain, keeping it limber and growing.

Austin allows me to practice yoga anywhere and at anytime. There must be a yoga studio on almost every major corner. Each studio houses enthusiasts and experts wanting to share their practice. I haven’t been to a studio yet where I didn’t feel welcome.

Now I know, there are those who claim that all yoga studios should be welcoming. And, that would be correct, but having practiced in other cities, I know it’s not always so. In Austin, however, I have not run across this. I think it harkens back to the friendliness or maybe the neediness of Austinites. They want to share the things they love.

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