The Ode

The Ode is as ancient as poetry itself. I find that most people hear the word “ode” and cringe remembering long, boring lessons about the seriousness of awsomness of the Ode; but the Ode is not only simple in concept, it’s simple in form. It’s also based on the tradition of lyrics. Yes, the earliest known Odes were sung.

In a nutshell, the Ode is praise.Unlike our ancient forebearers, our modern Odes are less formal and often have hidden meanings. They might seem to praise one thing, but listen carefully. I bet, if you turn on the radio and listen close enough, you’ll hear more than a few Odes sung by top fourt pop-artist, opera singers, and rappers.

I kept my Ode short without refrain, it is a form I would like to spend more time with.

Ode to Action

Reaction does to tender hearts to meld
Spring’s sweet twining leaves to bloom.
From Ancient minds the dye stained drapes
To blind and hold in merry mirth.
Dreams laugh at light and myrth.
Apollo only leads to cares.
Rest not when storm’s embrace twists the tree.
Fly open hearted through the malee.
Reach above the clouds and winds.
Seek not to halt but to guide.
Let the rains cleans pain as sunshine graces beginnings new.
But stand and fear and live no more,
For dreams fade in hollow comofts.

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