The Plan Coming Together – Slowly

Love it when a plan comes together. Wish I could say all edits were complete, and I was releasing Midnight in Line and Form, but still working. At least I’m on tract. (Truth moment: Afraid to jinks myself by giving a date.) I’m including another cut scene to peak your interest. Enjoy it.

New project: A collection of short stories. I’ve published these on my Patreon site, but I’ve updated them and thought they would be a great start for anyone interested in the Midnight Whispers series. Most of the character appear in one of them Midnight Whispers novels.

Till next time: Peace

Cut Scene from Midnight in Line and Form

Anthony opened the doors to the balcony allowing the evening breezes to fill him with the comforts of home. Dust mingled with the fragrance of olive trees, settled over workers walking home from their groves. Roses bloomed showering the air with their perfume. All this overtook his senses, and he felt the melancholy of returning home. The final glimmers from the sun stretched out across the horizon fading the night into a blissful reminiscence of a bygone time. The city of Florence glittered across the valley competing with the twinkling of the darkening sky. He forgot how much he missed his home. “Too long,” he said to no one as he surveydc the surrounding vastness of his homeland. 

The noises of a house awakening distracted his reverie, and he returned to his study. Contracts, letters, and obligations piled on his desk, but he walked to his reading chair and picked up the book that had arrived yesterday. The note with the book remained between the pages where he had stopped reading. He took out the note to read it again, “I thought you might find this amusing. I know you’ll at least enjoy the brilliant photographs. Jenny”

Anthony ran his fingers once again along the gaudy gold lettering on the cover before reading the next chapter.

Venus and Mars: A Twenty-First Century Romantic Critique on the Battle Between Love and War

Botticelli’s masterpiece Venus and Mars has long been considered the consummate love story of faithlessness in love and war. Reign’s Twenty-First Century Modern Romantic rendition updates the familiar story accommodating modern ideals and virtues. Whereas Botticelli’s Venus is subdued, perhaps even bored after quelling her lover, Reign’s Venus relaxes confident in her defeat over those who defy her.

Botticelli’s virginal Venus overpowers Mars with her purity and patience. The goddess of love exudes frailty in her glowing gown of white and gold. Even mighty Mars, the God of War, cannot semblance a blemish on the goddess and hides his manhood beneath a discarded robe leaving his physic, which by classical standards enticed but today affords only a casual glance, to tempt his Goddess of Love. Mars casts his head back in shame for his nakedness and the temptation to spoil the purity of Love.

Reign’s Venus leans back not to wait for her lover to embrace her but to exult in his defeat. Her sensuousness oozes from her skin hidden beneath rich satins and golds. She radiates power and hunger for conquest much as the Mars of old must have. While Botticelli’s Venus looks upon her lover with bored anticipation, Reign’s Venus rests her blooded dagger carelessly beside her hand confident that he will conflict with no one.

Blood spills from Mars’s Carotid Artery flowing across the floor and off the painting. The virginity of Mars’s love now spoilt, will never again cause discord. Love conquers war despite his excellent semblance of the perfect male.

“Harry wouldn’t like this,” Anthony chuckled and placed the book back on the reading chair as he stood and turned to look at the painting hanging above his head.  “But then, a lot has changed.” 

His wife put her hand on his shoulder. He took it and kissed her fingers. “Let’s stay in tonight,” he said. 


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