Going Wide with Voices of Midnight

Voices of Midnight is a collection of three short stories I began many years ago when Mary Midnight was still a figment of my imagination. Little did I realize till I put these together in one book how the other characters have grown. In my latest book, Midnight in Line and Form (coming soon), two characters feature prominently. The others are leading the plot lines of stories still being written.

The first time mortals heard the voice of Mary Midnight, she whispered over the airwaves from a small radio station in Galveston, Texas. Draped between the sea and the land of dreams, mortals and others dreamed tales of love, war, and battles never fought. Take flight and walk the sands in the night, alone, if you dare.

I’m venturing into the realm of “wide release.” A little scary and a lot exciting. Going Wide means I’m releasing this book through multiple online book retailers. I completed uploading to Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Waiting for confirmations now it’s available to sell on each platform. This gives me a chance to experiment with each platform’s marketing and distribution. I intend to post often about how it’s. And as soon as I have a link to the book on each platform, I’ll place them on the website.  

By the way, I’ll soon be looking for people interested in reading and reviewing this short collection. Stand by for more information.

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