Time to get started!

Self-publishing: A wonderful or terrible invention? I have two books published. The third will be out next week. Self-publishing is great when done right, but I would like to sell enough books to make a living. In the month that the other two have been out, I’ve sold three units for $2.76 in royalties: Not a way to make a living. Truth is, these sales were three more than I expected to see. Self-publishing is great: It’s marketing that’s throwing me for a loop.

Research shows that successful self-published authors have series/multiple books for sale. Since I’ll have book three out next week, and it’s part one of two, it’s time to market. Here’s where I release a heavy sigh. I don’t want to market. I want to write. However, if I want to make a living writing books, it’s time to get over the fear of marketing and do it.

I want to understand what each book selling platform offers in the way of help to authors. Some look friendlier than others.

Step one: My author presence. I’m already on Facebook and Twitter and am adding Instagram.

I’m creating/updating my author presence where ever books are sold. Book Baby, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barns & Nobel, and GooglePlay. I’ll post what I learn about each site as I go.

If you have any good marketing stories or even terrible marketing stories, I hope you share.

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