Time Out for A Cure

Not posting my Marketing article on Affiliate Programs and Back Matter today. I’ve been fighting with The Cruds all week. I call them The Cruds because while I’m able to function, I’m not functioning well. Sinuses are yucky making me fight through a fog to think clearly. And as marketing, editing, and all such work requires precision (marketing because it costs money), I’m following well proven and often ignored advice: I’m resting. 

The Cruds do not mean I’ve been idle. Nope, I’m working/researching/drafting, but moving at a pace best suited for foggy weather. You’ll see this week’s intended post in a  day or two.

Chocolate – the cure for all that ails us.

In the meantime, I want to share my cure for The Cruds: Chocolate chip cookies and green tea from my new, favorite mug I picked up at DFWCon this year.


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