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I’m back at work, and this may sound silly, but I’m particularly proud of this link.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell available on Apple Books

“Why are you proud of a link?” I hear you ask.

Because this link because it’s my first affiliate link. I’ve been pounding my head wondering how I can use Apple’s Affiliate Program – now named Apple Services Performance Partners – to my advantage. It’s a simple concept, but if you’re like me and you’re afraid of and loath  all things marketing, it’s a challenge to conquer. 

Here’s what’s how I’m using this program. I read a book, hear a new song, see a show, or find an app I like, I recommend it to you by placing the link on the page. If you click the link and purchase the item, I receive a commission. That it. That’s an affiliate program in a nutshell.

Yes, I had to sign up and create a special link and/or badge, but Apple did the hard work for me. Even I know how to add a little code to a web page. If you don’t, there are oodles of tutorials out there to show you how.

Please note that I have not asked you to do anything. The choice on whether you click the link is up to you. I merely provide a means for you to click and purchase. The hardest part of marketing is asking people to do something. Ultimately, I want you to purchase my books and recommend my books to your friends so they will purchase my books. Just typing the words, “Please buy this book” is hard to do, but I’m getting there. Affiliate programs are just one means of getting there.

Stay tunes: I’ll keep you posted on how this works for me and how other affiliate programs vary from Apple’s.

P.S. Just to confirm: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is one of my favorite books.


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