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Website Giveaway

Thanks to the reader who signed up for my newsletter to receive a free copy of Midnight Whispers. Even though this was easy to monitor, I’ve learned the value of automation. If I had to download promo codes, write an email, and send these to more than a few individuals, I would go nuts. For now, I’m okay, but in the future (I’m thinking positive thoughts that my audience will grow) I need to purchase automation.

I’m using MailChimp for my newsletter, and it allows me to monitor who signs up for the newsletter, when, and add notes. Here, I made a note that the subscriber signed up while I was offering the free book. Since I use the free version of MailChimp, I’m limited on sending and storing subscribers’ information, but it works for now.

Free on Kobo

I’m pleased to say that there are more marketing materials in the works. The week beginning on 19 August, Midnight Whispers will be offered for free on Kobo AND featured on the “free” page. This means that everyone searching for a free book on Kobo will see Midnight Whispers. I’m very excited. Well, I don’t know if excited is the correct word, but I am glad to start. 

Now the other side of marketing comes into play, the part readers don’t see: monitoring and tracking the progress of downloads and sales. This means spreadsheets and numbers. Yuck! Neither are strong suits of mine, but I will do my best.

Until next time, Peace.


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