Study in Poetic Form: Luc Bat


Today I present my attempt at a Luc Bac poem. It almost beat me.
It’s an old Vietnamese form of poetry and something about it stumped for the longest time. But at last, I put together something. Technically, it is a Luc Bat poem. That’s as much as I claim until I can study this further.

Rules: 8 lines
Odd lines have 6 syllables
Even lines have 8 syllables.
Rhyme scheme: This threw me off. The number of syllabus between the rhyming words is not required.
Line 1: xxxxxA
Line 2: xxxxxAxB
Line 3: xxxxxB
Line 4: xxxxBxC
Line 5: xxxxC
Line 6: xxxxCxD
Line 7: xxxxD
Line 8: xxxxDxA

The song of a Raven,

Flew out a haven at midnight

Like a sprite in the wind 

Feathers singed in the sun’s new day

To pay for the burden

He stopped for bourbon and ate bread

And found a silky bed

And read till time for ligation.

Photo by Tobias Zierof from FreeImages

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