A quick check in:

Update on Kobo ad campaign

So much to do! Midnight in Line and Form is ready to roll next week. Tons of little things to do before that happens, but I have my free ad campaign running on Kobo, and wanted to give you a rundown of how it’s going.

As of today, 22 August, I’ve “sold” 72 free books, Midnight Whispers, on Kobo with my $10 investment for a place on the “free” page. I’ve also sold one copy of Midnight Victories, which is not free. Having never sold so many books before, I’m saying Yippee! 

On the one hand, I’ve made no money: On the other hand, I’m hoping one or two more readers will purchase other books from me. The promotion ends on Sunday, 25 August. About time to plan the next campaign.

Note: There has been no crossover between sales on Kobo and the other retailers, as expected.

That’s all I have time for today. 

See you next week!

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