Study in Poetic Forms: The Metaphor

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As far literary devices go, metaphors are a favorite of many writers. They come in handy when talking about people, places, and things that we don’t not want to mention. Traditionally, metaphors allowed authors to hide critiques of governments (think Humpty Dumpty), but they are most poignant in poetry when the poet wants to explain complex material in simple terms.

In the following poem, I’ve used “brambles of the mind” instead of “memories” to contemplate the role memories play in our lives.

Among the brambles in the mind
Waiting, calling, longing thoughts.
What aches, what cures, what dreams are hidden?

Among midnight’s blooms
Flowering dreams reflect the frost,
Long forgotten moments fade in day’s first light.

Upward growing, downward spiraling
Rooted pictures of what might have been
Rotting in depths of clay

Once lost beyond the call
Turn to dreams that fade and grow
Along the brambles of mind.


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