Live with: Midnight in Line and Form Part 1

Books live now!

Wow! In one week: 137 books sold. I even sold 1 copy of Midnight Victories. The other 136 “sold” copies were for free copies of Voices of Midnight. The promotion earned me two, four-star book reviews. It’s fair to say I’m feeling pleased with the four-star. Hoping to grow the number of reviews.

Big news: I’m live with Midnight in Line and Form Part 1. Gave myself two days to get it uploaded in multiple stores, and taking the extra time paid off: Almost no stress involved. 

Find my books at these booksellers:

Time to promote/market/advertise. With three books out and Midnight in Line and Form Part 2 due in three weeks, I have enough of a “catalog,” according to the experts I read, to market effectively. We’ll see. I’m laying out plans this week, and I’ll keep you up to date. 


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