Marketing Blues

So many book! So many choices!

I should be blue, but I’m not. I’m learning, and as long as I’m learning, things are good. Do I wish I could report my first real profits from the sales of my books? Of course, I do. However, all the blogs I’ve read, all the videos I’ve watched, and all the online courses I’ve sat through regarding marketing books, is seeping in. It’s one thing to read or hear what to do: It’s another thing to do it.

A light is shining up ahead, and it looks like understanding.

Kobo Promotion

Today marks the final day of my latest promotion on Kobo.

Kobo send out an email to their VIP members over the week 7 – 12 September offering 40% off a select list of books. Midnight in Line and Form Part 1 was among the selection. This promotion required no out-of-pocket costs (vital at this point). 

The number of my books sold during this promotion? 0

Lesson learned during this promotion? Book description or cover may need updating.

Amazon Promotion 

I have yet to say I fully understand the intricacies of the Amazon Marketing pages. However, I’m learning. Based on the advice from the blogs and courses regarding Amazon marketing, I will let this add run for the full month with no changes to it. Why? Because without sufficient data, changes are guess work.

I’m running  a Sponsored Products ad and selected most Amazon defaults. Yes, that sounds silly, but I did this on purpose. On 27 September, I will collect all the data I can from Amazon regarding the ad campaign (ending on 28 September), and make changes for a campaign to run in October.

The number of my books sold during this promotion? 0

Lesson learned during this promotion? Too early to tell. It needs to run its course. 

I may need to update cover or book description. Perhaps I need to change keywords, perhaps I need to change amounts per click or amount per day to spend. I don’t know. However, I want to make an educated decision. That requires patience. 

That’s all for this week. Midnight in Line and Form Part 2 goes wide next week. I’m editing the final pages now. 

Until next week, Peace.

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