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If you do nothing, nothing happens.

With all that’s happened in the past month, I’ve taken a deep breath and am plowing ahead. Here’s where I am with my literary projects.


My next phase involves updating the keywords associated with my books on Amazon. Instead of a list of keywords, I’m updating to key word phrases, attaching keywords to the online book descriptions, and updating marketing slogans. 

My first marketing campaign – the one where I selected all KDP defaults – resulted in 129 impressions and no sales.  From here on, it gets much more interesting as I’m incorporating things I’ve been learning.

Writing Projects: 

Midnight in Line and Form part 2 was ready to go when I took time off. On the bright side of my sudden time away, more than a few necessary changes flooded my brain. Can’t wait to get them done. I must do complete them. NaNoWriMo starts on 1 November. This year I have a plan for my novel, the next book in the Midnight Whispers series. It’s roughed out, but I have a bit of research to do and want it all done before NaNoWriMo starts. 

Other Projects in the Pipeline:

While I’ve had a Patreon account for some time, I’ve done little with it. For 2020, one of my biggest projects will be pushing forward with crowdfunding. I have short stories and novels to write, and it’s time to find ways to pay for them. 

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