Changes Not Looked For

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Changes to the marketing plan brought to you by – an error.

I was all set to start a new ad campaign and then my husband asked, “Why doesn’t Midnight in Line and Form have a cover?” 

“It’s supposed to have a cover,” I said. Thus began the quest to find out why it had no cover.

Three days later – yes, there were other things going on while searching for an answer – and  I found the solution. As usual, between the multitude of buttons in Scrivener and the online stores, there was one button not clicked. Happy to report the problem solved.

For those who have not yet uploaded an EPUB or MOBI, it takes a minimum of twenty-four hours for changes to update to the store. This lead me to the next phase in my marketing journey.

Keywords/Keyword Phrase Updates

As long as I had to make a change, I might as well see what else needed updating. The smartest advice I read on selecting keywords to use for my books is to google my books – without using my name or the title of my books. No, I can’t find my books yet without my name or title, but when I allow auto-fill to work, I find the keywords people are using to find books like mine.

I searched both with Google and Amazon, documenting all the keywords and strings of keywords.

Note: The online bookstores don’t say they allow keyword strings in each little box. 

Before I uploaded the new EPUB file and keywords, I’m updated my bio and book descriptions to include the keywords. All this will, I hope, make it easy for people to find my books.

Isn’t it always the case: one small change leads to many other changes?

About that rule that states to monitor the effectiveness of changes to marketing materials, wait thirty days between changes. Don’t think I can follow that this time. I will, however, give the changes a couple of weeks to kick in before running my next ad.

Next question: Run an Amazon ad or try a Facebook ad?

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