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Took longer than expected, but all updates are complete and online. Most online booksellers list 72 hours as the minimum time before changes are complete. In fact, most – but not all- online booksellers completed the changes within 24 hours. Online booksellers make it easy to submit updates. As much as I like KDP for its easy flow of directions, updating can take forever when moving from screen to screen, but it also allows for the most detailed metadata. So, I’m not complaining. 

New Biography for all sites that allow my biography.

L.K. Latham is an author of dark, speculative fiction and urban fantasy. Once an educator, she now spends her days weaving stories about vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and witches. She’s inspired by the people and histories of Galveston, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Las Vegas, all places she’s lived or visits often.

The focus of her writing centers on urban life and those things we think we see moving in the shadows. These are the creatures that Dance in the Shadow of the Moon.

When not writing, she’s exploring the people and places that make Texas her current home, reading paranormal, historical, and contemporary fiction.

New blurb of Midnight Voices

The first time mortals heard the voice of Mary Midnight, she whispered over the airwaves from a small radio station in Galveston, Texas. Draped between the sea and the land of dreams, mortals and others dream tales of love, war, and battles never fought. 

Take flight and dance with the damned and the cursed or defend the streets when the moon is full, but don’t walk alone when the shadows of the moon as they spread their wings to soar.

New description Midnight in Line and Form Part 1

Death stalks Austin. Bizarre murders bring unwanted attention to the Vampires. Even the Werewolves fear the changing tide. They look to Harry Reign to guide them as Hunters gather in their city, but he spends his nights painting fairy tales and flirting with a dying woman.

It’s time for a change in leadership and more than one Vampire intends to lead, but only one has the best interest of Austin and all its inhabitants. Will he bargain with a killer for to save the city?

I made no changes for Midnight Victories, and I should. For whatever reason, I just can’t get my head around it. Suggestions?

NaNoWriMo starts in eleven days. I’m plotting out book four of the Midnight Whispers book more than I’ve every plotted any book. While my head is wrapping around that project, finishing touches are going into Midnight in Line and Form Part 2, and my next ad. Send me luck. I need it to be ready for 1 November.

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