A Pleasant Break

A cold day at the Dallas Arboretum but so many blooms!

So, been miserable since the end of January with sinus infection – again, but had a nice break this week. Meds are kicking in. So I spent two days with mom, and we went for tea at the Dallas Arboretum – Yummy! The day was cold, wet, and blustery, but the Spring is making itself known. Flowers are gorgeous! An all-around great trip.

To top off a pleasant trip, I now have a good ending to a short story I’ve been working on. The story now ends at the Arboretum. 

Where I’m at with:

Amazon Ads: Still running, still adding campaigns, still making no sales. Sigh. 

Newsletter: I’ve had a newsletter for a while, not that I do much with it, but I’m running it if for another other reason than I’m supposed to be. However, I’ve just read Tammi Labrecque’s Newsletter Ninja and I’ve been following Nick Stephenson’s blog on newsletters. Of all I’ve read about the role newsletters play in the success of publishing, these two sources seem to have their act together in giving the bare-bones info necessary to run a successful newsletter. It feels like I’m getting my head around the business side of writing. Look for more information next time.

Now that I’m back home, I’m taking a day to relax and gather my notes and to-do items. Fingers crossed my sinus infection doesn’t come back and I can get back to work.


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