Day 2: Petrarchan Sonnet

A Petrarchan Sonnet: The rules are simple – fourteen line with two sections, or if you want to be technical – an octave followed by a sestet. The octave (eight lines) follows the ABBA ABBA  rhyme scheme. The sestet (six lines) follows the CDCDCD or CDECDE rhyme scheme. 

Today’s prompt: describe a place and use concrete details.

On the northeast corner of my block
In front of none but me,
Is where you’ll find the tree
Where neighbors like to flock.
They gather in shade to squawk
And smack and laugh with glee.
Such a sight it is to see
Old and young in the shade to talk.

Round massive roots and leaves of green
Great brown trunks entwined with thorns.
But no one minds. It’s only life.
In my mind I keep this scene
Though in my blood, a signal warns
From shade not sun will come strife.

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