My State in April

I know: we’re only in day two.

Thrilled to say that Midnight in Line and Form Part 2 is out in the wide world. I’ve updated the website incorporating links to the book and updating a few other pages. What do you think? 

I didn’t make massive changes, and I’m sure there’s a link or two that needs fixing, but it’s getting better. I like to see what other authors are doing on their webpages/blogs. Do you have any favorites? 

Marketing update:

I sold a book on Amazon. It wasn’t even one I’m marketing. Rather pleased that something is working. Now, to figure out what is working. 😉

I’m running a new marketing campaign in the Rakuten/Kobo bookstore. It runs 13-19 April. Will let you know how that goes.

Finally: An update on the April Challenges. No where need as prepared as I need to be or as prepared as I was last year, but I’m giving myself an extra-bite of the chocolate bunny that arrived today for making it two days in a row. That’s a trick I learned about writing some time ago. Let me pass on one tiny tidbit that helps keep you sane when writing.

1. Set goals.

2. Don’t sweat it when you don’t make your goals.

3. Reward yourself. Hitting these April challenges will get harder and harder to make. So, I’ll reward myself each day I make it, and if I miss a day, oh well. All will get done when I’m ready for it to be done.

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