Day 3: Italian Sonnet

The Italian Sonnet: Oddly enough, this is the English version of the Petrarchan Sonnet. The rules are similar – fourteen line with two sections, an octave followed by a sestet. The octave (eight lines) follows the ABBAABBA  rhyme scheme. The sestet (six lines) follows the CDDCEE  rhyme scheme. 

  1. Today’s prompt fits nicely into my plan for lyrical poems. 
  2. I’ll pick out ten words based on what I can see from my window.
  3. I’ll use an online rhyming source to create a list of two-three words that rhyme with the words in my list.
  4. I’ll use these words to create my Italian Sonnet, keeping in mind the lyrical nature of sonnets.
Time troubles not my garden,
Sitting on concrete and bricks.
Each plant sits not missing any tricks,
To flower and show and ask for no pardon.
For my garden, I am the warden,
Resting is neither option nor fix.
For if the sun gives up or cats dig and dreck,
All would be lost, and my heart would harden.

Yellow bright the squash gives flower.
No need to search deep in leaves.
Fruits firm, bright sheltered under eaves.
Sprites in their wisdom gave them this power.
Thus do they write this small benedictory,
And bless my garden for victory.

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